History Of Lighting

Introduction :

All energy we use started with Light .Human evolution started with light .Yes ,i mean sun light which is the first Light source that mankind knows.The Second source that human use for light is Flames/Fire .Fire is used as Light source for century’s Lighting was limited to daylight and flame and it was for this very reason that man has continued to use the application of these two light sources for  thousands of years .The main source of light for every living things on planet is Sun. That’s the reason why we all still make maximum use of day light while we construct buildings or anything . Not only humans, plants and animals are attracted & grow to the direction of sun lights . I have done my research to write this article about the ‘History of Lighting’. I got to understand that ,evolution for lights are slightly different in different parts of the world . This happens because the influence in region ,culture,tradition and raw material available to the inventors in each region . So if we search for the evolution of lights we will end up with finding more that 100 kinds of lights which is invented from different parts of the world . So make it simple for my readers , i have made a simple chart below explaining the most important and recognised revolutions in the history of light.  Hope you all like and share this article . 

Evolution of Lights:

history of light, lighting, evolution,we, search, for the, evolution of lights, we will end up, with finding, more that 100 kinds of lights, which is invented, from different parts of the world , So make it simple for my readers , i have made a simple chart below ,explaining the most ,important and recognised ,revolutions in the history of light,
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1. Sun Light:

Sun lights are the first light source that known to humans from the beginning and till now . After all this years of inventions , still we are unable to create anything like or close to sun light.In ancient times there were no other source of lights available to use at night rather that moon light . Most of the buildings build at ancient times are designed to get maximum utilisation of sun lights . I am already started my research for another blog post about ‘Ancient Techniques to make use for natural lights’ . Hope it will be a interesting and informative article . Large windows are designed to get use of sun lights,but that size is also limited according to the geographical regions,So heat from sun can be controlled . There are a lot of similar techniques used to make use of sun . 

Some old techniques to get sun light inside building
  • Use of large windows
  • use mirror or large transparent stones to scatter or direct lights to dark rooms. 
  • Reflection method ,which is the most commonly used to get lights in day time .

2. Fire : 

Fire is not an invention , it is there in earth already . But we humans invented how to manually create fire and make use if it brilliantly . Use of fire as Light source is one of them .  Fire is used as source of lights for thousands of years . The way humans use are different depends on different parts of the world .  

3. Oil Lamp: 

Humans find different types of oils and invented Oil lamp . The base concept is same as Flame is used as light source. The difference is the fuel/energy for get fire is advanced from wood to oil lamps . The advantages for oil lamps , it is more efficient than wood and controlled fire ,less heat . There were different types of oil used to lights . Later small inventions taken place to improve efficiency ,heat, smoke etc.. 

4. Candle :

First candles were developed by the Ancient times, who used rushlights or torches made by soaking the pithy core of reeds in melted animal fat. However, the rushlights had no wick like a true candle.Its is more efficient than oil lamps . Candles have been used as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years .Historians have found evidence that many other early civilisations developed wicked candles using waxes made from available plants and insects. Early Chinese candles are said to have been moulded in paper tubes, using rolled rice paper for the wick, and wax from an indigenous insect that was combined with seeds. In Japan, candles were made of wax extracted from tree nuts and in India, candle wax was made by boiling the fruit of the cinnamon tree.

5.Gas Lamps:

Necessity is the mother of invention, so what is missing from above inventions  ? Its more brightness and long lasting  . Need of brighter and longer lights  ,Gas lamps came to take over lighting industry. Need of Lighting large areas like streets and houses ,more good solution needed . Gas lights are developed in England in 1790’s, and that technology spreads very quickly.In 1816 gas streetlights went into service in Baltimore .From then for 63 years till Edison invent bulb in 1879,gas lighting was used commonly . 

6.Electric carbon arc Lamp: 

In 1800’s Humphry Davy invented first practical electric light , which consist of an arc between carbon electrodes in air. Its not a very popular Light source but as it is the first electric lamp, i don’t want to miss it from my list .  

7. Kerosene lamp:

It is also called as Paraffin lamp in some countries.  Kerosene is used as fuel in it.Invented by Polish man called Ignacy Lukasiewicz in 1853 .I personal consider it is the first lamp with dimming control system !! 😊 . Fire as Light source can be adjusted by a rotating wheel on the side of lamp,which will make it more energy efficient . 

8.Electric Bulb:

I am not underestimating my readers , so i think explanation is no needed for this . Just one thing – Electric Bulbs are the light source invention that created a revolution in lighting industry . 

9.Sodium Lamp:

Sodium lamps are first commercially produced by Philips in Holland in 1932. Low Pressure and high pressure are two types of sodium lamps .Vaporised sodium metal is used as source of light .

10.Halogen Lamp:

Halogen lamp was first commercially produced in 1959 by GE .It was developed by Elmer Fridrich and Emmet Wiley who worked at GE in 1955. Halogen lamp is a sort of incandescent lamp with a small amount of some halogen gas. 

11. Fluorescent Lamp:

Fluorescent Lamp are the greatest development in lighting since the 1879 after incandescent lamps . Fluorescent lamps work by ionising mercury vapour in a glass tube.Main types of fluorescent lamps are cold cathode, hot cathode, and electroluminescent .

12.LED Lamps:

Light Emitting Diode (LED) are the best Light source available till date . It works by two-lead semiconductor light source. It is a p–n junction diode that emits light when activated. 

Hope you like this small article about history of lights, Please comment your suggestions below . 

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