Beijing National Aquatics Center

                                    Beijing National Aquatics Center

  Beijing National Aquatics Center  (Water Cube‘)

The project’s ETFE air cushion structures are the first of their kind to be used in China and the largest and most complicated membrane system in any single project in the world.Located on the southern part of the central area of the Olympic Green in Beijing, the NAC has a planned construction area of 6.95 hectares. Being adjacent to the central axis of the city, the NAC is situated on par with the National Stadium, at an equal distance to the axis. 
  Beijing National Aquatics Center INTERIOR
The NAC’s Games-time construction area is close to 80,000 square meters, containing 17,000 standard seats, including 6,000 permanent seats and 11,000 temporary ones. During the 2008 Olympic Games, it will produce 42 gold medals in swimming, diving and synchronized swimming.
 ETFE(“Ethylene  tetrafluoroethylene “)
The membrane structure of the “Water Cube” uses a special material called ETFE(“Ethylene  tetrafluoroethylene “ to know more click HERE  . This material was first used in the aviation industry and honored as the “bubbles.” With the construction of the National Aquatics Center, ETFE membrane has been used for the first time in China.In the past 20-30 years, ETFE was used in 600 to 800 architectural structures in Europe.

 The transmission of light and strength of the ETFE membrane in the past 20 years have not deteriorated at all. The “Water Cube” is designed to last 100 years; the performance of ETFE membrane in the past 30 years boosts the designers’ confidence.


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