Best joinery lighting ideas

The most important thing you need to consider for joinery lighting is the details. When you install lights to a joinery and if you haven’t considered below items, then you might not be achieving the best effect you expecting. The type of lighting: There are several types of lighting that can be used in joinery,... Continue Reading →

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Interior LED Lighting for transformational design

For contemporary interior design, LED lighting transforms rooms in both residential and commercial spaces. The increasing popularity of interior LED lighting is down its benefits and versatility. Detail Lighting supplies a range of LED lighting options to enhance interior design projects. What are the benefits of interior LED lighting? LED lighting is energy-efficient The Energy Saving... Continue Reading →

Top luxury lighting brands

If you are looking for the most beautiful luxury lighting brands, here are the list for you. The Tom Dixon lighting and design brand is at the forefront of British design, producing lights that are innovative and visually stunning. Founded in 2002, by designer Tom Dixon, the brand showcases his unique eye, producing everything from sensational pendant lights to elegant home accessories. Explore the collections Barlas... Continue Reading →

World of smallest lights

Smallest is the new trend in lighting industry. As a new trend, we can see a lot of manufacturers launching new range of products called Mini/Nano/Dot/Micro lights. The products are so brilliant and efficient as per description from the manufacturers. The Lighting Blog will test the samples from manufacturers and post a detailed review later. If... Continue Reading →

Top 100 Best Lighting Blogs

We’re proud to be included in the top 100 Best Lighting Blogs! Feedspot rates websites and blogs based on quality and consistency of posts, influence in social media for lighting-related information and search ranking. The Lighting Blog

British Design House – John Cullen Lighting Showroom Launched in Dubai

John Cullen Lighting has opened a revolutionary cross-brand collaboration in Dubai between the most influential British interior brands culminating in the British Design House. The new showroom is designed to recreate room sets and help you and your clients imagine the featured pieces and lighting design in your home or project. Amongst many stunning pieces... Continue Reading →

How to Light your home

Residential Lighting Guide No matter how good the design and furnitures in your home are ,only a good lighting design can bring life to your space. Selection of your light fixtures and positioning it on appropriate location can make huge difference in the ambiance and great aesthetic to your home. If you want to easily... Continue Reading →

Light Middle East 2018

Image speaks better than words .. so.. just adding some images from LightME-2018  Hope you all like and share Light Middle East - 2018 Light Middle East - 2018, Trade centre ,navigation board Light Middle East -2018 Crystal Chandelier If you like this post, kindly comment below the post and share it in your social... Continue Reading →

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