The secret psychological facts about colors that every designers  apply to get the best result for their products 

WARM COLORS – Such as reds, oranges, and yellows advance, seem larger and add warmth.
COOL COLORS – Such as blues, some greens, and purples recede, seem smaller and add coolness.

RED: In food service, red increases the appetite and will influence guests to eat more, pay more for their food and stay longer. In decor, red adds warmth, energy and excitement. It is also a color of love and sensuousness.

ORANGE: In food service, orange also increases the appetite, but at the same time it creates movement and influences guests to eat quickly and move on. In decor, orange is a welcoming, friendly color, but can indicate inexpensive to the viewer.

YELLOW: In food service, certain shades of yellow add cheerfulness to the plate. In decor, yellow gives warmth and shows friendliness.

GREEN: In food service, green denotes healthy, fresh food. In decor, green says wealth, health, balance and comfort.

BLUE: In food service, blue decreases the appetite. In decor, blue gives the feeling of trust and acceptance. Eighty percent of all Americans claim blue as their favorite color.

PURPLE: In food service, purple generally decreases the appetite, especially the darker shades. However, the lighter shades of purple indicate trendiness. In decor, purple says creative, unusual, and different.

PINK: In food service, pink works to make food taste sweeter. In decor, pink adds a sense of femininity and softness.

GRAY: In food service, gray is not an appetizing color. In decor, gray denotes respectability, exclusivity, and quality.

BROWN: In food service, browned foods are perceived as hearty and appetizing. In decor, brown adds a sense of stability and structure.

WHITE: In food service, white represents good sanitation and freshness. In decor, it represents a clean, classic look and also a look for the future.

BLACK: In food service, black decreases the appetite, but can add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the presentation. In decor, black is a color of power, drama, mystery and sophistication.

IF YOU DISLIKE RED — YOU ARE: Peaceful, Helpful, Friendly, Kind, Casual, Comfortable to Be With.
IF YOU DISLIKE ORANGE — YOU ARE: Logical, Thinking, Organized, Honest, Somewhat Conservative, A Communicator.
IF YOU DISLIKE YELLOW — YOU ARE: Somewhat Sensitive, Somewhat Emotional, Spiritual, Unusual, A Goal Setter, Achiever.
IF YOU DISLIKE GREEN — YOU ARE: Self Assured, Assertive, Risk-Taker, Have Strong Opinions and Emotions, A Decision Maker, Physical.
IF YOU DISLIKE BLUE — YOU ARE: Enthusiastic, Thoughtful, Good Negotiator, Considerate of Other’s Feelings.
IF YOU DISLIKE PURPLE — YOU ARE: Innovative, Bright, Cheerful, Like to Experiment and Keep Busy.
IF YOU DISLIKE PINK — YOU ARE: Logical, Analytical, Traditional, Business Oriented, Focused.
IF YOU DISLIKE GRAY — YOU ARE: Sunny, Bubbly, Fun, Approachable, Gentle.
IF YOU DISLIKE BROWN — YOU ARE: Free Spirit, Searching, Exotic.
IF YOU DISLIKE WHITE — YOU ARE: Powerful, Sophisticated, Sensuous, Dramatic.

IF YOU DISLIKE BLACK — YOU ARE: Hopeful, Love Life, Innocent, Endearing, Sometimes Artistic.

GOLD AND SILVER: Denotes expense, wealth, glitz and glitter. 

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