Lighting Designer of the Year -2017

Suzan Tillotson,Dubai Lighting,,Lighting designer of the year

Suzan Tillotson 

Suzan Tillotson, Tillotson Design Associates

Suzan Tillotson was named Lighting Designer of the Year for her ‘creativity’, ‘design integrity’ and her ‘bold approach to project challenges’. Her ‘exemplary’ body of work has often broken new ground for the lighting design profession. She has also contributed ‘hugely’ to advancing the stature of the lighting design profession.

Outstanding recent projects include the Lighting Design Award-winning R/GA office in New York, The Broud in Los Angeles and the Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York.

Suzan Tillotson has 20 years experience in the business and has worked with pioneers including Howard Brandston and Jerry Kugler. Seminal career projects include the Seattle Central Public Library, the New Museum for Contemporary Art in lower Manhattan and Prada Beverly Hills with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture. She founded Tillotson Design Associates in 2004. ‘[Lighting design] is always about how to create a beautiful and quality environment within the criteria you are given,’ says Tillotson. ‘I don’t know how you can design architecture without thinking about how light interacts with materials’.

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