How good Lighting can grow your Business

Intro : 

‘How good Lighting can grow your business’ is a must read article for business owners, Architects, interior designers, Lighting designers and every one who work for or do business in retail or hospitality field – like Showrooms, restaurants, supermarkets etc.In my Lighting design career, i personally experienced a lot of times that clients are not aware about the importance of lighting design. They mostly don’t know how lighting helps to grow their business. That’s the reason i write this article.

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Grow your Business

Hello my readers, i was planning to create article about this topic for so long. All ideas, tips and information in this article are purely from my observation & imagination. So if you have some suggestions or creative ideas or better tips please comment below the article. We grow by helping others and sharing information, so please share and comment with your suggestion about the article.

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To Lighting up a retail and hospitality area,  just detailed knowledge in lights are not sufficient. we should also know about the Psychology of lights that effects and attracts customers. Here i will share with you all the tips and tricks for that. We can find a lot of proven experiments done by many lighting design company’s to get higher sales  and business. A perfect change in Lighting strategy (Lighting design) can increased business up-to 12 to 25 percentage which is already proved by many business. Many world famous brands like Louis Vuitton and many other retails, has already created their own theme, ambiance and strategy in Lighting designs. Which already tested and proved,resulting increase in sales and now implemented same theme for rest of  all their retail stores. Which means lighting design can be consider as an investment that can return your money with more return in business Profit.   

Psychology of Lighting : 

psychology of lighting,colour,emotions,perception,effect,ambience,facts ,brightness
Psychology of Lighting
“Our attention is not attracted by bright lights. Our attention is attracted by changes in light – appearance, disappearance or movement of lights.”

In general it is contrast, rather than brightness ( luminance) we are more attracted to. We can use lights for emotions.Lighting design is not is not limited to only warm and cool lights. We should also use mix of  RGBW color lights to bring ambiance in to space. Lighting can  create different ambiance, just like designer use color Psychology to increase business. Do you know how color psychologically effects business ? For example  –RED, YELLOW AND ORANGE is the best color to make people eat more and make them hungry etc. See the logo of KFC, McDonald ,Pizza Hut and most of the food related industry. BLUE color decreased appetite. They all brilliantly make use advantage of color psychology of humans. If you want to know more about color Psychology facts  Click Here 

Tips to boost business :

Tips to boost business,the lighting blog,best blog in dubai, lighting designer,
Tips to boost business

Consider the points below ,when you design lighting for your business.


Create the ambiance depends on the product you selling. For example ,lighting for sports shop should not be with warm color lights which feels and provide more relaxed ambiance. Lighting in sport shop should be with more active cool color that resemble stadium lighting but still there are lot of secret techniques in it to light it.  Use of 4000k to 5600k lamps in different areas depends on the types of sports items selling. Now the trick Lighting designers uses are, we will add extra high CRI warm colour lamps to highlight some items ,Like sports wares. Color of Sports wear need to render correctly  to customers eyes with accurate colors. Colour visible in white light (5000k – 6000k) and warm light(3000k -4500k) with high CRI have lot of difference. If you are in to Lighting design for restaurant, we need to use much relaxing type of lights like warm lights (2000k -4500k). A Proper lighting scheme in restaurant lighting can make your customers stay longer, eat more, relaxed Designing a indoor kids play area is entirely different than the above two lighting concepts. Kids play area should be colorful, active and energetic. So using warm color lights is the first thing to avoid. We can  bring the ambiance and increase the energy level by using some RGBW lights(colorful lights), Projector lights, etc. with the help of overall white lights for good visibility.  

Designers use different techniques,concepts and ideas for every projects. Lighting design is not only about placing different types of lamps, selecting lights based on watts and color.  There is lot more other things involved in Lighting design, which is not possible to explain in one article .That’s the reason, you need to hire a good lighting designer to do lighting for your business.

Avoid Glare : 

Avoid Glare ,how to avoid glare
Avoid Glare

Always try to avoid glare by using suitable Anti-glare solutions. Glare will make your customers uncomfortable and deviate eye contact from your product selling . So no Glare.


Forget about the traditional and usual practice of providing uniformly super bright lighting every were.  No.. don’t do that!!  Create suitable contrast by highlighting display and areas where you want to lead customers. I have seen lot of car showrooms in Dubai lighted up at night beautifully. Still some of the showrooms looks Pathetic at night, it looks like they forgot about what they are trying to sell. Some showrooms lighted with very bright lights, that evenly spread light all around showroom. Resulting customers focal point of attraction is also spread over the entire showroom to fancy furniture, etc.. not on the cars. In other case, some showrooms use very bright spot lights to highlight cars,which results high glare and low visibility of beautiful details like texture,shape color etc on the car because of high brightness. And its also make uncomfortable to customers. 

If you like to know more about , how to avoid glare –  Click Here

Selecting Light Fixtures :  

how to select light fixtures ,thelightingblog ,dubai lighting,
selecting light fixtures

As a Lighting Designer, Selecting the correct light fixtures are the most difficult part for me because,there are lot of things involved in the selection process. Consider below items before selecting light fixtures   

  • Size, shape and Purpose of  room
  • Color, texture and finish of room
  • Shape, size, position and finish of furniture  
  • Light fixture to match the room 
  • Color temperature of light should match with other lights in the room 
  • Always try to use directional lights for more flexible options 
  • Use correct beam angle , Accessories  (mounting items , cover – clear,diffused,or soft etc..) and wattage
  • Use track lights with directional lamps with adjustable beam angles will give you more flexibility – even after you change the location of display items,furniture etc..
  • Always check and prefer higher lumen output and CRI  – Not the wattage 
  • Dimmable  
  • LED lights
  • Light pollution
  • Lighting controls
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Ease of Installation
  • Maintenance and replacement

Why you need a Lighting Designer for your Retail Business :

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List of lighting design company in UAE

All above provided info are just to give you rough idea about some common things to be considered and involved in lighting design process . So getting a lighting designer for your project is the best way to get things easier and effective. So you may thing like , what if you assign job to your architects or Interior designers. yes ,of course  they can do lighting design.But not sure they can cover every aspects in lighting design to get  perfect Lighting for your business. 

“An architect knows something about everything.An engineer knows everything about one thing”  

Lighting designer know everything about Lighting . Lighting design can transform you beautiful space looks bad and a bad space looks beautiful . So only with good lighting, we can bring the beauty of the space and bring life to it. You can see lot of  good difference in lighting design done by  lighting designers, compared to lighting done by any normal contractors(MEP), interior designers or architects, suppliers and sales people.The cheapest method here are the sales people and supplier, but don’t forget that they got no other option rather maximum promote their products. And also they are limited to specific particular product range in their brand.Hence the priority goes to sell more or use their products,not to get maximum attraction to your business. Lighting designers are not limited to anything. 

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design”

Even after all these options, you will end up with a Lighting designer  option if you get correct directions and information .So the one thing that may resist to go to a lighting designer is the cost for hiring. Yes, Good Lighting design is not cheap.   

 Cost is the most concerned part for  owners.Business owners perspective should be always about the return of invested money with profit. Good Lighting design might be slightly costlier than normal lighting provided by contractors. But when we consider it as a long term and investment,  from  good sales revenue achieved from lighting schemes  – It is actually more profitable  than ordinary practices. 
Advantages of using a  Lighting Designer  for your project are given below.

  • Lighting designer helps your projects stay in budget
  • They are always upto date with the new technology and trends,so your project won’t look outdated.
  • They design projects with best energy efficient with maximum performance  
  • They always considers many factors like glare, visual comfort, your budget, energy consumption, the environment, lighting standards, and light pollution among other aspects.
  • Good Lighting design can help you attract customers to your store, focus and highlight the products.They can make your products appear as attractive as possible which will lead a positive effect on your sales 
  • A combination of artistic skill and technical knowledge.
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