Let the light become the most beautiful accent of your sweet home!

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It‘s quite clear that creating a home interior can be a little overwhelming… We have so many possibilities for choosing the furniture, rugs, plants and all kind of other decors. Nevertheless, we advise you to stop for a minute and think about accent lighting. After all, you will want to enjoy cozy spaces in the evenings as well as in the early mornings, right? In order to create a relaxing atmosphere, it is worth to pay your attention not only to beautifully designed luminaries but also to the indirect lighting solutions.

If we are talking about the interior, a flexible LED strip is perfect for this! During the day, it is inconspicuous detail, but once it gets dark outside it will turn into the most beautiful and eye-catching accent of your living spaces. This solution can be easily adapted to mirrors, kitchen furniture, stairs. Such places are usually decorated with white LED strips, which may vary in color temperature. There are three main options available in the market: warm, cold, and neutral. Whereas colored LED strips are a popular choice inchildren’s rooms, near the TV, gaming stations, or other entertainment areas. For those, who appreciate a high functionality, the Lithuanian manufacturer “AKTO“ offers RGB or RBG+White flexible LED strips, which combine different color variations into one product!

With the onset of the warm season, more and more people want to spend the evenings in the fresh air, thus exterior lighting is also important. The modern range of LED products has a wide variety of solutions that are resistant to water and other environmental factors, hence subtle linear lighting can be safely adapted outdoors! The facade of the house, terrace or even the pool decorated this way will be both functional and look really sleek and modern. Moisture and water-resistant LED strips are also used in bathrooms, saunas, basements and other places where liquids may be in contact with the product. 

LED strips are distinguished by the fact that they can be easily installed and can be also adapted to specific shapes and dimensions of various surfaces. These elements allow to quickly change and improve interior or exterior for homeowners, who have already settled in their spaces. Meanwhile, giving more freedom to create unique lighting solutions for architects, designers, and those who are just starting to think about their dream home.

Those who like exclusive design should also appreciate LED NEON strips, which are also produced by the Lithuanian company AKTO. This product is water-resistant, has excellent flexibility, and a perfectly even light line. One of its main advantages – that it can be mounted for direct lighting projects. This solution is ideal for installations in walls or building facades.

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